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Research and Development

Innovation is part of thyssenkrupp culture, as a leading engineering company. Close relationship with our customers leads us to find the tomorrow’s solutions today in the areas of Materials and Technology.

Based on our main customer’s drivers, such as emission regulations, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly products, we develop better solutions around the world. This exemplifies the spirit of thyssenkrupp: Developing the Future.

We do not limit ourselves to the automotive industry. Our R&D engineers practice in advanced engineering disciplines, including: mechanical design, materials, new manufacturing processes, dynamics, durability, tribology and optimization. Many of them are qualified to Masters or Doctorate levels.

We develop the future!

Innovation Management

A consistent innovation management process integrates business trends with our technical developments through robust technology roadmaps and customized project management methodologies. We follow step by step the innovation workflow for our products from the concept phase through to product validation.

New Technologies

Aligned with customer’s requirements, we have developed a range of technologies for: friction reduction, wear resistance improvement, lightweight solutions, powertrain efficiency, forging and machining processes, and measurement techniques. This is a continuing process, performed in alignment, and often in collaboration, with our partners.


Guided by market trends and research projects, thyssenkrupp has developed solutions that improve engine performance, aligning application requirements with best-in-class manufacturing processes.


High-end CAE software and in-house solutions support us to simulate and optimize our products to fully meet customer applications by means of multi factorial optimization, taking into account structural, dynamics and lubrication aspects.


The benchmark production facilities within our business area can precisely manufacture our prototypes, from research to development phases, meeting the future requirements for series production.


Our comprehensive facilities for components validation assure us of advancing to engine and field test certifications. New technologies, such as those for friction and fuel consumption reduction are systematically tested.