Components Technology

Forging & Machining

Keyvisual Machined Crankshafts

Machined Crankshafts

Completely assembled, ready-to-install parts
With the following surface treatments:
-   induction hardening (journals, fillets, ends)
-   fillet rolling
-   nitriding
-   CNC-deep rolling (only above truck size)
Repair service for OEM
Micro alloyed, alloyed and plain steels
Cast iron (only truck size)
Non-destructive testing of material by US and MPI
Engineering Capabilities
Simultaneous Engineering with our customers
First draft and calculation
Structural analysis (static and modal)
Balancing calculation
3D model
Dynamic analysis
Material know-how
Finished part design and process optimization
Manufacturing of prototypes
Fatigue testing (torsion and bending)
More than 100 years of experience
State-of-the-art machining
Production volumes according to customer needs
High level of experience of assembling accessories and in balancing
Internal development and production of induction hardening heads
Fit-for-use packaging
Truck Size
Finished parts up to 200 kg and 1.50 m long
For truck, machine, industrial and ship engines
Above Truck Size
Finished parts based on
-   closed-die-forgings, from 1.20 – 3.00 m
-   CGF-forgings, up to 6.00 m
-   open-die-forgings, up to 6.00 m (for smaller batch sizes or prototypes)
For gen-set, marine-drive, mine truck, locomotive, construction & industrial applications

Truck Size Global supply

Country Production plant Sales contact
Latin America thyssenkrupp Metalúrgica Campo Limpo
USA thyssenkrupp
Crankshaft Company,
LLC Danville
Asia thyssenkrupp Engine Components India

Above Truck Size Global supply

Country Production plant                                      Sales contact