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Keyvisual Forged Crankshafts

Forged Crankshafts

Forgings up to 250 kg and a length of 1.5 m for diesel and gasoline engines.
-   All engine types: In-line, flat, V, and W engines
-   Cars, trucks, motorbikes, off-highway and marine applications, gen-sets
Micro alloyed steels
Alloyed steels
Plain steels
Engineering Capabilities
Material know-how
Rough part design
Design optimization
Design and manufacture (forging tools)
Forging process simulation and optimization

Global supply

Country Production plant Sales contact
Europe thyssenkrupp Gerlach, Homburg
South America thyssenkrupp Metalúrgica Campo Limpo
  thyssenkrupp Metalúrgica Santa Luzia
North America thyssenkrupp
Crankshaft Company,
LLC Danville
Crankshaft Company,
LLC Veedersburg
  thyssenkrupp Metalúrgica
de México
Asia thyssenkrupp Engine Components China